Saturday, April 27, 2013

Script Reading 101

“It is not enough to be busy... The question is: what are we busy about?”
-Henry David Thoreau

Today was a very productive day for the I-YEL team. Before we got started with the day's activities, we were forced to make drastic changes to our calendar. Our play, name to be determined, was originally scheduled to be done and ready for presentation to the public in the middle of June. Due to the lack of time in everyone's schedule for this to be accomplished, we as a team agreed to push the performance dates back until the middle of July. With this move, we hope we can produce and perform one of the greatest youth led plays in the city. 

After the alternating decision was made, we did a script reading of our rough draft for our city awareness play with our director/playwright, Javier. After the reading, we gave feedback to the script team on their work and we are on the verge of creating some major improvements to the play. More character lines, more story line related scenes, more drama! Everyone on the team contributed on what they think would make the script better and no one's ideas were disregarded in anyway. 

Transitioning from lunch and a team builder led by Khari, the team split up into three teams to help support the play; the writers, the crew, and the admins. The writers continued to write the script and add more lines to all characters to give them more of a personality. The crew planned a video shoot to go along with the play and developed potential costumes for the characters. The admins worked on creating a title for the play, outreach and the budget. We felt like real business people; planning a lot of fun stuff for the public to enjoy while at the play. 

In a few weeks, we will have auditions for roles in the play and begin hitting the ground running with rehearsals. If I-YEL thought April was a busy month, May and June will be even busier! But we got this and I promise you, all of our hard work will pay off come July!


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