Wednesday, March 13, 2013


The results of lots of discussion and thinking:

            We started off the morning by playing a game lead by Sebastian, a 2nd year intern. The game we played was an improv game where we had partners and had to act out a scene on the spot, which were suggested from the whole IYEL team. The point of the game was to help us prepare for the actual play. In case we forget our lines and we are on stage, we could improv so everything would go smoothly!

            After playing the fun and helpful game we all sat down and started to brainstorm for the genre we wanted for our play. Everyone is curious about the results, right? Well, after lots of debating and voting, the IYEL team has decided to have… a love story themed play! Don’t worry, this is not just another love story, we are trying our best to make this different from the others. There were many other choices, (ex. Mystery, Action, etc.) but the team thought that a love story would fit best, and that we could incorporate the other genres within it.

            After a nice but short lunch in the gathering room, we all piled into the vans and headed to SOTA, the school of arts, to watch a performance by the school. We watched the play called 42ND STREET to help us think of ideas for our own play. The story line of the play is that a girl named Peggy Sawyer is nervous to audition for the 1993’s newest show, Pretty Lady, but finds out that she was too late to audition anyways. But eventually she gets into the show when director Julian Marsh says he needs one more girl in the show. On the opening night, Peggy accidently knocks over the main lead, Dorothy, and breaks her ankle. The chorus girls and Julian convince Peggy to become the new lead, with only 2 days to memorize all her lines and dances. At the end she does a fantastic job. All I could say was that the acting was BEAUTIFUL and I think IYEL could do even better! After watching the play we had a debrief on what we liked about the play and what elements we could use in our own. Then we were dismissed from SOTA! Tune in next time to see what we have in stored for you!   (=

                                      -Winnie Wong

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