Friday, May 3, 2013

Goldman Environmental Winners

On Saturday April 13, 2013 the I-YEL team had the opportunity to meet with the Goldman Environmental prize winners. These six individuals came from all over the world which you could say makes them Environmental celebrities.  As well, there were seven Iyelers who introduced and connected with each of the winners.  All of the winners inspired our youth and helped many of them start thinking about their legacy here at the Crissy Field Center.

The ceremony took place at the Crissy Field Center, where we waited for the arrival of our Environmentalist. When they arrived the six Iyelers had fifteen minutes to have a one-on-one conversation with them. At thiat time we had the chance to ask them question about their work and about the struggles that they went through to achieve their goal. As the ceremony started we all sat down in our gathering room and started with our speeches. Also, the winners had a few minutes to say some inspiring words to us after we introduced them to the audience.

After the ceremony we all went outside for a group picture and planted a tree that symbolized growth and progress for each of us.

-Laura Alvarez 

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