Throughout this week the I-YEL interns have been learning about the environment with  the Crissy Field Center’s Urban Ecologist, Francis. We have talked about ways we can take care of our environment as well as enjoy it. On Wednesday night Francis was in charge and he taught us about ways an environment can be described by not only the people who live within the environment, but also what surrounds us, such as our parks, schools, nature and culture. We played two games that helped us understand how people interact within their environment. It made us realize that the actions we make in our environment only benefit ourselves, and we forget to think about the big picture. Francis explained that we should instead take action by contributing and giving back to our environment. 

On Saturday, I-YEL interns arrived early to Crissy Field Center as they got ready to go over to the Marin Headlands to go on a hike with Francis and Jie. Francis took us to Hill 88 which the I-YEL interns discovered a new place in which they found relaxing as well as historical. Francis shared some historical information as we hiked up the hill. He told us about the U.S Army bunkers and artillery batteries they left behind from WWII. We saw bunkers and a cannon that had been left from WWII. In addition, we had a solo hike which was extraordinary awesome. On the trail there were note cards with either quotes you could read or question you could ask yourself. After the solo hike I-YEL interns shared a few comments. The majority of interns said they enjoyed the hike - it was relaxing and peaceful. 

The environment plays a big role in our lives and it’s on us if we take care of it as well as enjoy it. This really helps out I-YEL interns to view the environment in a different way it makes us appreciate our surroundings more. We begin to see how we can be stuck in a city in which we remain most of the time that we don’t enjoy the national parks that are so near by. We discovered a great view at the Marin Headlands. A few of the I-YEL interns considered visiting again when they have a chance on their free time. It was a great Saturday with the I-YEL interns. We discovered and learned new things. The visit helped us be more wise as well as consider how our we can make the environmental better. We shouldn’t just do it for ourselves but for everyone in our community. 

Marvin Gomez, 1st year intern