Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Backyard Bound Planning Summit - 10/27 - 10/28/12

Two weeks ago 7 bay area youth organizations collaborated to plan the 2013 Backyard Bound youth summit.  
When everyone arrived, we had Camping at the Presidio manager Miguel Gutierrez lead an ice breaker to help everyone get to know one another.  Participants then learned more about the Camping at the Presidio program and its goal to “give lasting memories and a unique experience for the many local children who had never had the opportunity to spend the night in the wild.”

Current I-YEL intern Jenna then gave the history and importance of the Backyard Bound event.  Jenna brought energy, passion, and a youth perspective which got people energized and ready to participate.

I-YEL interns then split all the youth in to two groups for an “amazing race” style scavenger hunt through the Presidio.  Once returning to the Rob Hill campground Ranger Mariajose led the group in a National Park style ‘PLINKO” where everyone got to know some of the natural and cultural free activities available to the public throughout the Presidio.

You can check out these activities here:

After dinner it was time to do what we came here to do - plan a summit!

The group began to brainstorm, debate, and vote on what kind of message and experience we want participants to leave the summit with.  Through lots of great ideas and inspiring perspectives the groups decided that the theme “Connecting Youth to the Environment” would be the 2013 Backyard Bound theme.

Before the evening campfire the group brainstormed a list of possible goals for the summit. 

The next morning we ate breakfast and then finalized our goals.  We then split up in to organizations where they each brainstormed what kind of workshop or outdoor experience they wanted to create and lead at the summit in April.

Even though the planning summit was fun, we got down to business by figuring out the theme, the goals, and got started on planning the workshops.  We all committed to keep in contact and do our best to support each other in the coming months.

The 2013 Backyard Bound in 5 months away.  Mark your calendars, Earth Day weekend, April 20th – 21st 2013.  

Sebastian & Ernesto

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