Saturday, November 17, 2012

The core values of Cesar Chavez - Using the printing press in art (Society)

Did you know that there’s an artistic side to IYEL?
The theme of our day was about Society. Today every member of the team created a work of art on the printing press.
Our art represented the “Ten Core Values” of Cesar Chavez, who was a human rights activist. We focused on his values because IYEL sees him as an important person to look up to. Among Cesar Chavez’s values are:
·         A preference to help the most needy
·         Service to others
·         Knowledge
·         Determination
…And more

The Crissy Field Center Art specialist, Marijanna introduced us a new art tool to express these ideas. We used the printing press to express Cesar Chavez’s ideas.

My art piece was about “A preference to help the most needy.” It was of two different kids. One kid was rich and had a mansion and the other kid lived in a poor neighborhood with drugs on the streets and violence around.  We all used art to think more deeply about Cesar Chavez’s values and ideas. There are many different ways to express ideas. Some of us use art, speech, writing, or music. By being creative it helps us understand the message more and in that way we could teach and show others.

Jose Segovia, 2nd year

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