Saturday, November 19, 2011

Your hood', Your Parks - October 29th, 2011

Think you know San Francisco?  On Saturday October 29, 2011, IYEL interns participated in a “Your Hood, Your Parks” activity at the Crissy Field Center.  In this project, IYELers, with the help of Google Earth and media lab specialist, Jon Shade, shared what they knew about their neighborhood.  We Google Earthed places around our community:  where we go to school, where we get groceries, where we hang out, and places we want to avoid (other than school).  Then, we presented these places to the other IYELers.  From this project, we discovered interesting things about our fellow teammates.  We discovered that some IYELers go to the same grocery store and hang out at the same place, and some of us even found out about buildings (and parks) that we didn’t know were in our neighborhood.
Along with learning about our buildings and parks, we learned about environmental topics affecting our community.  We researched topics such as different watersheds, toxic waste lands, and sewer plants in SF and how different environmental factors, whether it’s soil contamination or air pollutants, that play a big part in our community.  Through this activity, we became more aware of what goes on in our community, and how we can make it change for the better.
We learned that a lot goes on in San Francisco, more than we expected.    There are environmentally unpleasant living spaces in our own city, and we are eager to learn what can be done to improve the affected areas.
By the way, gotta remember go visit our parks!!  Until next time, this is Wilson and JM signing off!  Stay tuned for more blogs!
- Jane Marie and Wilson

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