Saturday, November 19, 2011

Our Adventures Through the Presidio - October 22nd, 2011

Here in I-YEL we had the chance to participate In the Crissy Field History walk were we took a small walk with Presidio Ranger Fatima and Ranger Mariajose. We learned a little about the history of Crissy Field and how it has come to look as it is now. With short stories of the Ohlone Tribe and their beliefs and with many pictures of how it looked back then. A lot of the new interns say that from the interesting stories they learned things that they have never really thought about it and that now that they know it they could share it with others. To us it is important that we know the history of Crissy Field so we know what has happened in the past and how we could take that in and make it part of our future. Also how we could give back to our community and make it something good of it.  

Where do the native plants from the Presidio come from? Most of the plants that you see around the Golden Gate and Presidio derive from the Plant Nursery. On October 22nd and November 19th, I-YEL Interns participated in the Presidio Plant Nursery with activities including planting, & cleaning seeds. One of the many interesting things that we have done, was having the opportunity to choose a plant that we feel best represented each one us as an individual. From this experience we learned more about our plants and where they come from.
  - Laura and Luciana

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