Saturday, November 19, 2011

How We Are Remembered Through Art - November 12, 2011

How do you want to be remembered? In I-YEL many teens from different backgrounds came together to answer this question. For a couple of weeks we discovered how to be remembered by art and history. With the combination of the two topics I-YEL created a powerful self-portrait to show our skills, hopes, fears, and accomplishments.
            To get our creative side flowing we started to work with the talented art coordinator Marijanna Shurtz. Marijanna directed us on a conversation about what a self-portrait is. She gave us an activity about the topic for a fun check in. For our check in we looked at other artist artwork and the message that they portrayed. The open discussion was a helpful key to guide us on what message we wanted to show everyone else about ourselves. That night we molded clay into a simple symbol that described us, then placed it on a hand drawn trail to show everyone the difference in our community in I-YEL, yet we still come together to share our lives and work as one unity.
            The following Saturday after our first art introduction we separated into two groups and went on field trips around the Presidio. The groups brought different creative/controversial topics that all tied together about self-portraits. Jie Chen our mentor, and Marijanna the art coordinator, lead the two groups on the eventful day that was ahead of us. Jie’s group first went to Immigration point and then to US national cemetery. The first destination was an eye opening experience on how immigration is looked down upon; also we talked about the struggles and hardships of it too. We explored why people come to America and the benefits that they do receive once they become a citizen. Together as a group we read immigration stories and decided that immigration point was a place where all people can join together and experience the beautiful nature and serenity of the park. The second destination was the cemetery. There we talked about why war is important and how it’s hurtful. As we were discussing our thoughts as a group it was powerful to look at all 30,000 graves and all of the lives that were taken due to war. The other group went to their first destination at Inspiration point and their second destination at Lovers Lane. At Inspiration point Marijanna’s group looked at an art piece called Spire which combined art and nature together as one. At Lovers Lane they observed another art piece that are logs laid down into zig zag lines. Both pieces represented that art and nature go hand and hand and they flow together as a unity. After the two groups experienced their own personal field trip we went back to the center to reflect. Marijanna then lead us in a more advanced self-portrait art piece that answered the question how would we want to be remembered. For an hour we spilled our hearts out onto paper and shared what our memorial would be to represent our selves. It was inspiring to see everyone’s way of expressing themselves as powerful message. Some people wanted to spread their ideas as creating a center, expressing a quote, or sharing a strong personal message. Together we shared our ideas and supported each other’s artwork.
            I-YEL’s art projects helped each and every one of us to find our identity in art and how to represent it properly.  From looking at other artist’s work, to seeing inspiration up close, anything is possible to let your message out. Art is essential to reflect on your life and progress so far as a person and throughout these couple of weeks we all have discovered that. 
- Rebecca and Victoria

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