Saturday, November 19, 2011

An Amazing Overnight and Speed Dating Adventure - October 14-15, 2011

Have you ever done an overnight with a group of people?  Well, every year here at I-YEL we do an overnight for new interns who are now a part of the program.

Our mentors even made us dinner. We ate pizza freshly out from the “Cob Oven.” Yes, I said Cob Oven - pretty cool huh!?  After dinner we went to a historical place called Sutro Baths. Built by the mayor of San Francisco Adolph Sutro during the late 1880’s it used to be an indoor pool that used water from the ocean. The next day the I-YEL interns had to do a scavenger hunt activity not like a normal scavenger hunt. It had its own uniqueness where we had to find native plants all around the Presidio and take pictures of it and we had to go to other areas too. After the scavenger hunt the I-YEL interns had the chance to go to McLaren Park to learn more about other open spaces in the city and to expand our knowledge of nature and how we could play a big part in it. We did so many fun things that night and the day - I had a lot of fun!

October 19th, 2011 (Wednesday meeting)

Have you ever done speed dating? Here at I-YEL the interns did speed dating with the staff to get to know each other since we’ll be working with each other for a whole school year. We had two circles an inner and outer circle, the staff sat in the inner circle and the interns sat in the outside circle. We all wrote one question and the instructor picked a question out of the bucket and asked the question to everyone and talked about the question for 1 minuet then kept rotating after each minuet. It was pretty fun experience after all and especially if you never been speed dating or don’t know what it is.
-Jose and Nyrie

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