Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pollution Palooza update!

Created and designed by Nathaniel Ng

We’re back with an update on our annual YEL Project, POLLUTION PALOOZA!

In the weeks leading up to our event, we've split our team into four committees: Planning, Outreach, Video, and Building team—each working hard to make this event one to remember.

The Planning Team has spent endless Saturdays figuring out the logistics, scheduling, and planning for our event. They've made countless revisions on our mission statement and schedule, making sure the day will run as smooth as possible.

The Outreach Team has contacted numerous people through phone calls and emails requesting donations and organizations to table at our event. They've also updated many of our social media profiles including the I-YEL Facebook page (which you should totally check out), as well as created the logo!

Video Team has been in charge of documenting our entire project; from deciding our topic and building our event, to the day of the actual race, they've captured it all on video.

And to put the actual race together, Building Team has gone out looking for supplies and is ready to get down and dirty making the blueprints come to life!

We will be hosting our event on May 10, 2014 (from 10am-3pm) at the Crissy Field Center, where participants can run an obstacle course addressing different forms of pollution including but not limited to: air, light, visual, and noise pollution. There will also be a Pollution Pavilion, where participants can learn more about the harmful effects of pollution, and how to take part in easy, day-to-day solutions!
We invite all of you to put on your sneakers, sweats, and come on down to participate in our fight against pollution!

Make sure you preregister for our event, and don't forget to fill out the waiver form! (18 and under waivers here) Drop-ins are welcome but forms must be signed to participate.

Hope to see you in a month!
The I-YEL team

P.S. Our event is completely FREE for all participants, and come back around 3 for a chance to win prizes!

Our Event Preview!!

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