Saturday, February 22, 2014

Pollution Palooza - May 10, 2014

Save the date! - May 10, 2014
This year the Inspiring Young Emerging Leaders (I-YEL) is hosting a grand obstacle course for you and your friends to come enjoy the park space, and also to gain knowledge of the issues regarding pollution affecting the San Francisco Bay Area community.

I-YEL interns will be working intensely for five months on our event called Pollution Palooza – an all-out party! The obstacle course will be held at the grove located next to the Crissy Field Center.

We will also be capturing the event and documenting your experiences. 

For those who are not running, come hang out with our friendly interns! Stick around until the end, or come back, and test your luck in our raffle!

The Mission:

We, the Inspiring Young Emerging Leaders (I-YEL), a diverse group of high school urban youth are raising awareness of how pollution affects the San Francisco Bay Area with a grand obstacle course that will physically challenge and encourage community members to take action. By taking part in Pollution Palooza, we hope to inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to share their voices and spread awareness of pollution’s consequences on the local environment and communities. 

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