Saturday, November 23, 2013

The NEW 2013-14 I-YEL Team

Be prepared to be swept away by the new team of I-YEL interns. 
      After a long and vigorous application process, new interns and our new I-YEL manager have been welcomed to the Crissy Field Center.  A complete group of 22 diverse San Franciscan high school interns will be working together this year on creating, yet another, YEL project which will focus on spreading awareness of current social and environmental issues in our community.

     Following the traditional I-YEL calendar, we have already undergone our Parent Orientation and Overnight Orientation where new interns and parents are given the opportunity to establish a sense of community and trust with one another, as well as familiarize themselves with the center. With our new I-YEL manager, Jessica, on board there have seen some changes to our meeting formats. Every Wednesday and Saturday, I-YEL interns or Crissy Field Center staff lead a current issues presentation and discussion to gain further knowledge of this issue. In addition, the I-YEL team has attended the 2013 Brower Youth Awards, LEJ restoration in the Bayview Hunters Point district, Teens on Trails, and explored the Presidio during Saturdaym! 
Look out for more events we will be going to and hosting soon!

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