Saturday, February 18, 2012

Building our Yel project brick by brick

Recently, in I-YEL we have been working on what may be our biggest challenge of the year, the Yel Project. We have been going more in depth with our theme of Media Influence on youth.  In order to become experts we have divided in to smaller groups to explore the different topics that our team is interested in.  So far we are focusing on how advertising and products target youth, how health is left out from advertisements, and how media enforces racial and gender stereotypes.  As you could see we have a lot to discuss but that is not stopping us from exploring the historic monuments that we have in our city. At Fort Point we learned a lot about how it used to be a military base and how it used to be part of the triangle that helped protect the Bay during the gold rush and also during the Civil War. One interesting thing I learned is that the Presidio is a site were the Spanish settled. At what is now known as Fort Point they built what used to be El Castillo de San Joaquin. After the Spanish era Americans destroyed El Castillo and built Fort Point, which, if you haven’t seen it it’s a massive building of bricks. As you could see we have been busy learning and exploring our history, but we are also excited to start teaching lessons of our own during the Yel Project. Keep tuned in for more information on our progress.

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