Saturday, February 25, 2012

…and so it begins

Hi everybody!

Are you ready for the YEL Project?  Are you?!  Well, we’re far from finished, so stay patient.  Our whole team is working on it diligently.  Today, the I-YELers gained a solid idea of what they want to do for the YEL Project.  We brainstormed activities and outlined our game-plan for how we will pull it off.  For advice on what to include and improve our activities, we met with our Crissy Field Center specialists.  Now for the big exposé: Our YEL Project will be a carnival that includes interactive booths, games, and a short film. There are still some ongoing debates over what our activities will involve, so stay tuned to the I-YEL blog for continued coverage on this year’s exhilarating YEL Project.

This is Wilson, signing out!

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