Wednesday, January 18, 2012

We're ready for Yosemite!

Today was a big day for the I-YEL community. We took a break from our yel project and decided to have a little fun while being busy. Sounds great doesn’t it?
After fellow intern, Anny, led both the I-YEL and UTB (Urban Trailblazers) team on a check in and introduced a new game to our lives, both groups went to do some restoration work. The location for this work to be done was at the Golden Gate overlook site. A bit of a side note: the Golden Gate Bridge will be turning 75 this spring. In celebration of this fantastic achievement, the Golden Gate Conservancy decided to plant plants so by the time spring comes, the plants (hopefully) would make the scenery of the Golden Gate Bridge that much better. As a group, we all planted over 400 crops. That’s pretty amazing for some middle school and high school kids working together.
After lunch with the Blazers, the I-YEL interns returned to the center to initiate one team member to I-YEL, take the traditional group photo with our purple shirts, and plan our snow trip. We were divided into groups to plan what fun things we’d do during the trip. This would last until the end of the day. It’s safe to say that everyone had fun planning the trip and will have even more fun during the trip. I-YEL is scheduled to go to Yosemite National Park for the snow trip this Saturday and will return Monday afternoon/night.
This trip is an opportunity for us to get closer as a team and by the end of the weekend, that mission will be accomplished. 

-D'Quan S. 

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