Saturday, December 17, 2011

And this year's YEL PROJECT is..............

Today the I-YEL team chose a topic for our YEL project, which we will be working on for the rest of the year. In a YEL project, I-YELers focus on a social and environmental problem that we would like to change. It has taken us three weeks to decide our main topic. To get things started we brainstormed as a group on changes that we would like to see in our community. In the end we had twenty seven rough ideas. We combined ideas by similarities, and then divided ourselves into groups to research topics more in depth. After an intense and enthusiastic hour of exploration we presented our topics to the team. The I-YEL team is full of opinionated and passionate youth; it took hours of healthy and heated debate to decide our final topic. We are proud to announce I-YEL’s project for 2012: Understanding the influence of the media on teens.

The purpose of a YEL project is to bring awareness and create change around issues that affect our communities. Understanding the influence of the media is a relevant issue for teens because we are concerned with staying “cool” and we care about what others think of us. “Style” is defined by the radio, T.V, internet, and peer pressure. I-YEL’s goal is show people that they don’t have to conform to the media’s standards. We are looking forward to uncovering more about the topic and helping our peers by spreading the message of self-confidence.

-Rebecca and Helena

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