Saturday, January 19, 2008

Presidential Elections 2008

The Candidates
This year, the next presidential election is taking place. Of the many candidates running, the two that stand out the most are Obama and Clinton. There is not much to say about the Third Party candidates since everyone knows they won’t win. Anyways, the two candidates most likely to win make this election very special. Up until now, every president has been an old white guy. This time around, there is a women running, and a half African. This is huge because they are the two candidates most likely to win, meaning that the winner of this election will make history.


The Process
Recently, we had an expert on US politics talk and inform us about the presidential election, the process, etc. One thing that stood out was the voting process. Few people know this, but their vote does not really count. When people think they are giving a vote to the candidate of their choice, they are really voting for a member of the electoral college of their state. The Electoral College members then vote for whom they are pledged to, and the majority vote is the vote of the entire state. This system is simply unfair. Even if a candidate won popular vote, he could still lose the state vote and lose his rightful spot as president. Cough* Al Gore *Cough.

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