Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hi Peoples who read the blog!! the OUTREACH team went to go take a candlelight tour at FORT POINT!! YAY! Personally, I love Fort Point, because its such an interesting place to walk around in. We got to walk through Fort Point with these awesome lanterns. As we walked on, Ranger Maureen would tell us a little bit of this and that about how Fort Point came to be.

In case you didn't know, Fort Point, is located right underneath the Golden Gate Bridge. It was built to hold off armed fleet attacks back in the day. It was there but never used. I find that having spent so much time building it and preparing it against attacks, and then have it never put to use is so absolutely fascinating.

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Captain_Planet said...

Fort Point is an amazing place to visit. You can always imagine how was life there for the soldiers and young ones. My favorite place at the Fort is the upper level where all the base of the cannon lives at. I can always imagine them shooting big cannon balls into the bay.
-Captain Planet