Wednesday, February 20, 2013



What’s up you guys! Kathleen here! Over Martin Luther King Jr. weekend IYEL went on their yearly snow trip to Yosemite National Park! We started off the weekend by meeting at the center @ 7:45 AM, and things got kicked off by our wonderful coordinators Laura and Luciana with a game of musical chairs adding in our own little twist of course. Every time someone was not able to grab a chair they would have to share what they would hope would happen during the trip, and what they were afraid of. LaLu (short for Laura and Luciana) have been planning this trip for a couple of months with our supervisor Jie. Their goal was to come up with a trip where the whole team would be able to bond and create a new connection for the rest of the IYEL year. The entire team was separated in four different groups with different topics to focus on with the opportunity to come up with an activity that they would be able to lead during the trip. We got into our vans and after a long 4 hour drive we finally reached the cabin! We unpacked everything and got settled in, we then got right into our first group activity. 

The first activity was a cool jeopardy game led by DQ, Nairman, Yeyetsi, Ali, and Anny with questions about the Crissy Field Center, National Parks, and random ones. Then the dinner crew whipped up some of Sam’s Soup with of course Sam! The next day we woke up to wonderful breakfast set up by our breakfast crew, geared up and headed up to badger pass for the snow! We got set up with our gear and met up with our instructor and started skiing. For most of us it was our first time and it was so much fun! Racing against each other, and learning how to get back up after falling, we then had some lunch and had a very intense snow ball fight! After, we headed up farther up the hill and had another activity led by Sebastian, Bryee, Winnie, and Tommy, and I. The activity was about trusted each other, our activity involved a tarp, and a hit list type of game. A couple of us chose to go up all the way to the very top of the hill and we skied down! It was so fast I even got a battle scar! But I remember Anny another IYEL intern telling me “It is better to have come all the way up fall and go down the hill then to not have tried at all!” and boy was she right! After the hill we went back down to go check in our gear and headed back to the cabin made some dinner, and were lead into another activity about MLK and African American history by Jenna, Eric, Nathaniel, Silver. After that activity we were lead into another activity by JM, Sandy, Wilson, Jose, Marvin. We had words taped behind our backs and the IYELERS were competing against the CFC staff to see who could form the sentence the quickest working as a team! Then we all had some free time played some pool and taboo! The next morning we started to clean up the cabin with the time of I believe 30 minutes, that’s a new record! After LaLu lead us into a wonderful props activity at the end of the trip. We all said our goodbyes to the cabin and headed back to the city! All in all, it was a wonderful trip thanks to our coordinators, staff, and IYELERS for all participating! Until next time!

   - Kathleen says goodbye!

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