Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Power to the People

Van Jones spoke at Bioneers this past October. Amidst jokes about just how environmental environmentalists really are, he spoke about how much power the movement is gaining and has right now. He brought up the question of what to do with this power: "The question has to be asked, and it has to be answered, as this movement moves from the margin to the center..., who are we going to take with us, and who are we going to leave behind?"

I remember, when I was younger, feeling powerless. It was usually invoked by my awareness of my family's tough financial situation. As a kid, it hurt me to know that I couldn't answer my own question--at least, not yet: What can I do to help?

And I know there are many of us all who are thinking that same thing. What we have to realize is that we do have power. With all the momentum environmentalism is gaining, maybe this is a time when we--as powerful environmentalists--can help the people and the places that can't help themselves. These are the ones who we can't leave behind.

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